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Employment Reduces Suicidal…

Summer Employment Turns Down Suicidal Thoughts In Teens Originally Posted on   There is a new evidence that summer jobs for teenagers appear to be much more than just a way to make some extra money. A new study from the University of Iowa has found that summer jobs can significantly reduce suicidal attempts Read More »

How To Save A Life

How To Save A Life A Closer Look at the Issue of Teenage Suicide. Suicide is the most preventable death there is, but how do we prevent what we can't detect? This documentary provides strategic information on recognizing the warning signs of teen suicide and offers suggestions on how individuals can reach out.  Perhaps, armed Read More »

Are You Depressed?

Are You Depressed?   You may be wondering if you are depressed.  There are definite signs that can help determine whether or not you actually are.  Of course, you should always speak to a mental health professional to determine whether or not you are suffering from depression so that if you are you can get Read More »